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Inspiration- What is the Connection between Vermeer, Venice, 2 Hamptons and a Banks-Pye?

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Inspiration.  What is it?  And, where does it come from?  I recently read  some articles that spoke about the writers' inspiration and it got the wheels turning for me.  I also read a beautiful blog post written by Elle Cole  (a lovely designer I know from Dallas) regarding  beauty and Barbara Barry that got me thinking about who inspired me in a similar manner? There are many images I see from other designers that I certainly acknowledge as inspiration, Miles Redd, Darryl Carter, Mary MacDonald, Phoebe Howard and Tobi Fairley to name several, but I was trying to get to the heart of the matter and ponder what did I SEE that really influenced and generated INSPIRATION?  What image or images that became more than beautiful work, or a beautiful room, or intelligent architecture?  To me, great inspiration stops me cold, pierces my heart, makes me catch my breath.  I look at it and instantly see everything in detail and yet everything is perfectly distinctive and absolutely RIGHT for the space.   It has soul.  I could not imagine changing a thing in the room, or detail in the building.  The inspiration comes from these spaces and REQUIRES me to reach for that distinctive beauty in the rooms that I design.  Not slavishly copy them, or elements from them, such as color palette, or a particular vintage style of furniture, but create a space that says the same perfect thing about the home and the owner, and the elements in the space.

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Blogging the York, ME Show House 2013

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This is first of several posts I hope to write commenting on the design and creation of the spaces that I am doing for the York Historical Society Designer's Show House (York, Maine).  I have always found the articles that I have read about the creation and execution of a design very interesting, I and hope you will as well.  I recently read a great post about the selection of artwork for a Show House Dining Room for the Kansas City Design Show House by my friend and colleague, Tam Stone which I thought was fascinating.

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