Hi, I’m Meredith,

I help people who connect with historical design and teach them to translate it to their own home, whatever, its age.


Just like me, you have a unique affinity for historical or traditional houses. If you appreciate your home’s character, unique details, and architecture that inspire your modern personal style, you’re in good company.

Whether you live in a period home or simply want to incorporate family history pieces, or historic character into a newer home, I can help you create a cohesive and beautiful space that works for today’s lifestyle.

This work runs in my blood. My grandmother was an antique dealer, and I grew up understanding the significance of heirlooms to architecture in the telling of our family history.

Traveling throughout Europe, and even living for some time in the Cotswolds in England, where history is lived and honored in a deeper sense, it’s naturally a part of daily living. This experience helped me understand how to effectively marry contemporary function and innovation with timeless taste, comfort, and style.

Now, my passion is helping people like you, integrate these items and spaces of historical significance into your busy, thriving, modern lives.

By continuing to purchase, maintain, and intentionally update historical homes, and by integrating heirlooms into our modern homes, we create repositories of generational stories.  I especially love using antiques and family heritage in fresh and exciting ways.  This is how our beloved family members live on!

Let’s work together to honor history and live for today.


I provide a full range of interior design services- Everything from quick help on small projects to full-service interior design for your home, whatever its age.