Country Loft Retreat~ One Room Challenge Spring 2019 – Week 4

One Room Challenge
One Room Challenge- Spring 2019

Week 4 – Wood Week


Crunch Time for Design Decisions!

Fireplace design sketch

Fireplace design sketch with inspiration photos


Deciding on paint color and carpet options

By the time the fourth week of the 6-week One Room challenge is upon us…..we better get all the designs finalized and all the decision-making done!  There are always some last minute things I have put off, or not made the commitment for the design – but now we have only 2 weeks left, we have to COMMIT!!

I had some open questions about flooring, the fireplace, and some questions about stain versus paint.  One of the hazards of designing for yourself, is you have so many options that you love – it can be hard to make a final decision!  I never have this problem with client designs, never fear!  One of the things I LOVE about the One Room Challenge – the 6-week time deadline really gives me the kick in the pants that I sometimes need for my own projects!  Be sure and check in with the other Guest Designers and Featured Designers and root us all along to the finish line!










Travels to my Favorite Lumber Yard!

I knew if I was having some design dilemmas about flooring and all things wood related, I would find inspiration at Bingham Lumber in Brookline, New Hampshire.  This resource is the next town over and they specialize in reclaimed barn boards and beams, as well as solid wood flooring and other lumber needs.  There is always a new finish or new idea of how to re-use these precious materials.  Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, using wood from an old barn or factory floor adds so much life and history to the project!  I found boards to shiplap my fireplace, reclaimed barn siding to be used for flooring for the landing at the top of the stairs, and salvaged barn siding that I will use for the fireplace mantel supports….All in All a very satisfying trip!

Antique barn beams
Antique Barn Frame inside Showroom


reclaimed floor boards
Reclaimed Flooring


So much to See!


Salvaged Antique Barn Siding

Very handsome salvaged barn door lights


Reclaimed Framing Beams – Perfect to be re-used for Fireplace Mantels

The top beam is dated 1776!!


Country Loft Retreat ~ Fireplace shiplap paneling in process

The Week Ahead

All the details have been selected, so now the install and finish work need to be completed.

  • Baseboard and trim – Paul install (my carpenter)
  • Flooring install – Paul install
  • Fireplace surround and shiplap – Me
  • Paint and stain woodwork – Me
  • Paint Stairs – Me
  • Paint Walls – Me
  • Wallpaper – Peter size and install (my wall-paperer extraordinaire)
  • Lighting Install – Me
  • Carpet Install – Specialty trade
  • My carpenter is waiting for the special order trim for the arched window-then will install both window, base and flooring (2 days tops)
  • **That’s a lot of things on my list!!** Yikes!!  Looks like a looooong week!

Thanks as always for following along… sure and support all the other Designers and DIY experts as we come ever closer to Reveal Day!!  There are so many great projects to see!  The One Room Challenge community was started by Linda Weinstein of Calling it Home, and every week I am AMAZED by all the talent and hard work on display…..Cheers to All!






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