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 Embroidered “Paradiso”


As many of you know, I recently visited one of my very favorite places on earth – London!  I took a trip with some fabulous interior designers on a Modenussponsored DesignHounds trip to visit the London Design Fair and explore international design companies and their innovations for 2016 and beyond.  One of the firms I was introduced to was Fromental, Ltd.


fromental classic

 Embroidered Chinoiserie paper in the newly opened showroom at Chelsea Harbour, London  -M. Bohn Photo


Established in the United Kingdom in 2005 with the aim of creating the most beautiful wallpapers, fabrics and accessories – Fromental is a collaboration of designers and artists that truly create one-of-a-kind, bespoke art for your walls and interiors.  From  classic-style Chinoiserie designs such as the one above that hark back to the 18th century, to scenic mural styles, and on to the modern “Roomskins” collection of subtle, non-repeating patterns.



E003 cherry blossom col. custom

 Modern take on classic cherry blossom pattern


 2016 09 21 16.05.29

Subtle silk highlights on the embroidery of this paper, scattered throughout the pattern. M.Bohn Photo



2016 09 21 16.03.36 Copy

I loved this hand-painted paper with its soft, soft, soft color palette. Chelsea Harbour Showroom -M.Bohn Photo


An unusual aspect of the Fromental designs is the use of embroidery.  I have seen murals and painted designs before, but the use of added embroidery to the hand-painted design brings this to a whole ‘nother level!  The most skilled craftsmen imaginable are stitching fine silk threads to the papers to add dimension and detail to the edge of a branch or highlight a cherry blossom as in the picture above.

The true tour de force in the line is the fully embroidered paper, where the entire design is enhanced by silk threads placed on every part if the hand-painted design.  The DesignHounds group were treated to a champagne reception by one of the founders of Fromental, Ltd, Tim Butcher, along with Melissa Mittag, Managing Director of Fromental, ll c, NY at The Goring Hotel.  Fromental, Ltd had designed a gorgeous dining room with this olive paper, hand painted and completely embroidered in cherry reds, pinks, and burgundy….It was truly stunning – rich and regal, but still warm and luxurious!



2016 09 21 18.15.33

 The richness and vibrancy of the colors were stunning! The Goring Hotel -M.Bohn Photo


2016 09 21 18.13.15


The other benefit to working with a truly bespoke line is the ability to create a unique, personalized design.  In the lobby areas of the Goring Hotel, Fromental, Ltd. had worked with the owner of the Hotel to create a grisaille hand-painted mural throughout.  A custom designed paper with surprise and fantasy elements done entirely in shades of gray.  Thank you so much Melissa and Tim for hosting us so we could see and appreciate your beautiful wallpapers!


 2016 09 21 18.10.48

Beautiful lobby corner – I think every one of us took a version of this photo! The Goring Hotel-M.Bohn Photo


2016 09 21 18.12.23

A jousting Unicorn and be-jeweled walruses in a fantasy landscape.  The details on this hand-painted mural paper done in every shade of gray was delightful.  The Goring Hotel, M.Bohn Photo


Fromental, Ltd. does not limit you to updated traditional options such as 18th century Chinoiserie or scenic murals, as beautiful as those are –  I saw a variety of designs that ranged from Art Deco, to contemporary “non-patterns”.  Following are some photos from the Fromental website that I found intriguing.  The artists and designers are working with some interesting mixed media and creating dynamic papers.  I think one of my favorite options is “Rockface” where they are transforming torn paper and paint into custom landscape vistas – as at home in contemporary spaces as it could be in a traditional home.  We saw that paper installed in the London office.


G001 variegated leaves col byzant

Hand-painted, variegated leaves create a colorful graphic vibe in a restaurant in Notting Hill, London



F006 willow col mardi gras on azurite silk

This “Willow” paper reminded me of a Gustav Klimt painting



R030 belsize tiles 3 H res

“Belsize tiles” creates an Art Deco or even Mid-Century feel to a space.  Hand-painted on gold paper



rockface image cropped

“Rockface” –  Torn paper transformed with gold leaf on the seams and layered into dramatic shapes. London office, M.Bohn Photo


While these wallpaper designs are the peak of high style. don’t assume they cannot be incorporated into your home.  Just as we cannot all aspire to a Dior gown, we might certainly be able to own a Dior scarf! A couture experience is worth every penny, whatever the budget.  


Fromental, Ltd. are also working with fabrics and bringing this custom, artistic sensibility to that arena as well.  The hand-painted fabrics I saw were amazing and beautiful, with a beautiful drape and feel.  I hope I have intrigued you to the possibility of distinctive options in your home design….I will leave you with this last tiny inspiration….


2016 09 21 17.06.58 Copy

 Sweet embroidered bird from a classic Chinoiserie design paper- Chelsea Harbour Showroom, M.Bohn Photo




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