If you thought designers:

  • Cost a small fortune
  • would get rid of some or all of your furnishings
  • would overwhelm you and your home with a look that isn’t you
  • were “pushy” and “over the top”

I hear these types of comments frequently, especially the idea that designers and decorators take over and in the end, your home doesn’t feel like it is yours.  My approach is quite different. I work with you to make your home reflect you and your family’s lifestyle. The best place to make decorating decisions is in your own home. I tour your home, room by room, to discuss your decorating needs and tastes. I then help you translate your ideas into a finished look with appropriate fabrics, furniture and accessories. By planning together, we eliminate costly decorating and design mistakes, and develop a plan and budget that is comfortable and tailored to you.  One of the most common questions that I am asked by a client is “What would YOU do?” or “What would YOU pick?”  I always respond that the best choice is the one that is comfortable for the client.  I see my job as an editor, helping the client sort through the multiple choices and find the design details that reflect their individual style…key point being that it is the client’s style that needs to be reflected, NOT the designer’s.

Believe me,  I will vigorously lobby for something in the design that I believe will make a strong statement, something that will create a distinctive point of view…but I always have the ultimate goal of creating a design that reflects the client’s vision, style and personality.

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