Luscious Red

A rich, strong red is one of my very favorite things. We all know how striking it is on a beautiful woman, whatever her age, and it does the same in a room décor. It adds a depth and interest that no other color adds. We are always drawn to it, and I believe that it is as important an element as an accent of black.

Whether it is the classic combination of a LBD (little black dress) with striking red lipstick, or a rich lacquered chest, porcelain in oxblood, or a single accent element in an otherwise quiet or subtle room- Red is always right in my world!

Red can be as classic as a shiny vintage car, or as warm and romantic as red roses with blue and white china. It can be modern and clean like brilliant red glass sculpture, or as traditional and mysterious as rubies, rich red wine or ruby red velvet.

Some of my favorite accents of red!

A single pop of strong color adds interest and personality!  And a striking door does the same for your home….



cafe red - Copy
Nothing says European chic like a cafe with fabulous red chairs! Get the same effect in your home with a set of red stools or seat cushions.

bohemian, world tour red

Timeless style in a room that speaks of world travels and bohemian interests- wrapped in cozy red from top to bottom.  Texture, antique art and a classic oriental carpet are all part of the mix.


classic quilt red - Copy

Everyone has seen a country quilt in red, but here it is elevated by the large applique pattern, a striped rag rug and great red frames….repeating an accent color is important for a finished room.

color by cameron Kimber
red in a mix of patterns is always a good idea- but here it is mixed by a master-Cameron Kimber.

ikat curtains with band

Two different examples of how to create an outline in red, banding a curtain in a simple style and outlining a chair with decorative trim and interesting detail.

jenkins window idea

In and otherwise light colored room, the deep shot of red leather picks up the pops of color in the large modern artwork.


The great Miles Redd knows how to use his namesake color to fabulous effect, the red frame balances the strong color used in the art and the cobalt blue chest of drawers.


This is one of my very favorite examples of the use of red in an otherwise quiet and serene room with a palette of mostly white.  The patina and finish on these great red doors add a stunning focal point.  They lead our eye into the space beyond, and draw us in.  Interesting how a “hot” color like red actually adds to the serenity of the space here.  The same is true of the kitchen below.  The patina of the cabinet finish in red complements the rough plaster of the walls to create a rustic and refined combination.

red doors - Copy - Copy

red kitchen - Copy

Who can resist the beauty of red?  I know that I can’t!

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