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Today is the launch of a new blog series and a completely renewed blog for me!  I have been in the process of some big changes at Meredith Bohn Interior Design and I can’t wait to show them to you…..but for today, here is a sneak peak!!

We are all about honoring the history of people and their families, honoring the personal value of cherished possessions and living with these things in our modern, daily life.  It is not just about Grandma’s favorite chair or small table, but all the ways that we incorporate our personal history into our lives.  My Pinterest page “History in the Making” shows many versions of living with history, whether it is an historical item, a period house or room style and making it truly LIVE for today….be sure and visit! This board is a collaboration with Tobi Fairley.  As a member of her Mastermind group, I am busy building my design business with her and her team, as well as the other members of the group, a truly passionate and talented group of “Designing Women”

I have always had a passion for travel in England and Europe, collecting memories, visual delights and antique or vintage items to tell my story.  Sharing the things that I love in my home and with my family is one of the most important things that I do with my design work.  I always incorporate something personal in my designs for clients, and that is often something inherited or collected that is important with them.  When I see something that has the patina of age, or shows the history of many lives and hands I am immediately drawn to the story it tells.


Miles Redd-Elle Decor

This room designed by Miles Redd in a home designed by Gil Schafer shows all the elements I describe in “History in the Making”  The home is a new design with absolutely classical bones, a truly new old house.  Miles Redd did the interior design with all the elements that he is known for and that I admire- color, pattern and a dynamic mix of old and new.  Traditional oriental rug and traditional furniture, but instead of stuffy, period drapes, he chose  brilliant swaths of brightly colored silk!  Nothing staid or boring, but modern and fresh and absolutely of today!


Another room in the same house, more strong color mixed with antique elements.  Chartreuse mixed with deep blue is always one of my favorite combinations, it has been such a long, cold winter, this bright green really lifts my spirits!

cohleR on design5

Eric Cohler is another designer that always uses antiques and historical references in his work….in keeping with the theme of mixing history with contemporary, and with a nod to bright modern use of color…this dining room really highlights that mix of old and new.

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I will leave you with this last image from House Beautiful of the front entry of Mark Sikes home in California.  You can feel the sunshine in this perfect entry to his home, and he has used pieces that tell his story very well.  The antique table and column, the period bones of the stair railing against the bright white walls and floor all say that he is someone who loves the mix of old and new, but he is completely individual in his choices.

Here’s to telling your story and living in a home that is completely YOU!


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