One Room Challenge-Is It Really Week 4?

Welcome back to the One Room Challenge- We’ve made it to Week 4 and I am really doing pretty well with getting everything done by the deadline, but there are so many last minute things to finalize…its getting SERIOUS!  The most time consuming elements are really the finishing touches, the last few details that take a room from good to great – those items have taken a back seat to the major components.  That’s when a deadline starts to make me anxious, so count me among those who are starting to get a little TENSE!

If you would like to catch up on the progress, be sure and check out Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.  Linda from Calling it livens up the blogosphere 2 times a year with the One Room Challenge.  Every Spring and Fall for the last several years, Interior Designers of all types work to transform a room in six short weeks, and this is my first year of participation – I’ve enjoyed following along with other designers and have always found it fun and inspirational. This year is no exception….be sure and check in on the other Guest Participants, there are some great looking rooms in the making!

This week I focused on the window treatment for the dining room…there is a beautiful bow window that has always felt a little forgotten in the “Before”.  The size of the window also meant that it was a huge black hole when using the room in the evening, making it feel pretty exposed as well as chilly.  The pleated blinds that had been added previously were well past the expiration date and did nothing to enhance the room, and the short curtain was much too casual.  However, the room is on the small side and the window does take up a whole wall, so the trick is to highlight it without overpowering the space and visually “tipping” the room.  I also felt strongly that the style of curtain had to have a certain formality, while still maintaining a touch of the unexpected – nothing stuffy or staid for this family…they are all too lively and fun for that!

A reminder of where we started with the window –


dining rm before2


So – 1. Enhance the window and make it shine as a focal point

2.  Make sure it doesn’t overpower the room or cover up the window

3.  Tweak the proportion with height and length ( using designer magic 😉 )



I love the luxury and lustre of silk panels, here are a couple of my inspiration images:

837f08489b21c58c4fd8766c68a29efcTory Burch Southampton house living room


I love the drama of the bold colors, but since I don’t have quite that grand a space, I have to be more subtle – but I love how full and luxurious these curtains look.

I am going to save the finished look (plus, they are still at the workroom) for the reveal- but here is a sneak peek at the fabric…

2015 10 28 10.40.03


I hope that whets your appetite and makes you curious enough to come back next week, where it will be well on its way to the finish line…or I am in BIG trouble!!  Seriously, lots more progress photos next week, table settings, china display and other interesting items for the china cabinet….even I can’t believe how far we have come from the “Before” picture!

Be sure and enjoy all the other ORC rooms and thanks for visiting mine!




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