One Room Challenge-Spring 2018-Week 3&4 Worries and Choices

Week 4 of the One Room Challenge and I decided to combine my post to consolidate the progress….at Week 3 I was really feeling the nerves and did not have much to report…the tiles are all in and I am waiting to schedule the installation…everything else is here so it is really just a scheduling problem!

Week 3  was the Halfway Point and the nerves were starting to set in…will we finish on time? Will I have something presentable to show for this design challenge?  When a designer participates in the One Room Challenge, no matter the size of the room or project, the timeline starts to look ridiculous at the halfway point!!  And, the doubts start to creep in….

If you have somehow stumbled upon this and are unfamiliar with the One Room Challenge, let me get you up to speed!  The One Room Challenge was started by Linda from Calling It Home to get some support and commiseration from fellow designers and renovators and has grown into an online community of designers and DIY’ers that love interior design and all its related partners!  We are now in the 13th season and over 250+ participants!  You can follow along on all the Featured Designers on Wednesdays at and you can see all the Guest Participants on Thursdays as we link up our rooms/projects!  We all love your comments and cheers as well as observations and commiserations, so be sure and leave us a note!

One thing that is still to be decided is the wallpaper- I have had wallpaper in this room for most of the time I have lived in the house- my Mom helped me install the first paper I ever installed in the house!  Those are good memories, but I now rely on my wallpaper installer to complete the jobs!  But, I need your help to finalize my decision.  here are my options from Thibaut.

Choice 1:

Choice 1

Choice 2:

Choice 2

Choice 3:



Choice 3


Choice 4:

choice 4 from Brunschwig & Fils

Which choice do you think is the best for the design?  I am leaning toward a particular paper, but I really would love your thoughts and opinions!  Here are a couple of progress shots…I am really pleased at the way the vanity looks in its new color!

Debating Wallpaper choices, tile and grout


New color for vanity-Farrow & Ball is such gorgeous paint!


I can certainly see that I will need to clean the mirror before the next round of photos!  But I am really loving the new color vanity with the hardware, and the new tile is really going to be beautiful for the tub surround and the floor.  The walls have all been prepped for wallpaper, so let me know what you think about my options there….I love them all and I keep changing my mind-so help me out!  Come back next week and see how much we have accomplished….Fingers crossed the tile is complete by then!





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5 thoughts on “One Room Challenge-Spring 2018-Week 3&4 Worries and Choices

  1. I’ve been hoping to use that Choice #2 Thibaut paper for a while — I love how fresh it feels, yet completely classic (and a great price!). It looks like the blues would coordinate with your vanity, too. But you can never go wrong with Les Touches, either. I guess it depends on how you want to *feel* in your bathroom. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  2. Thanks Amy,
    #2 is a beautiful paper, and certainly a more budget friendly price than Les Touches! I think I am struggling with how much pattern to add to a small space with all the pattern of the subway tile etc. Isn’t it true how we make these decisions easily for clients and struggle with them for ourselves?! “Spoilt for choice” as the British say, hmmmm? Absolutely love how your ORC is coming along…

  3. Hi Meredith! These would all be cool choices for wallpaper! My personal favorite is #3, since it’s got some airy white space to it while tying in the blue: I feel like it would give the vanity center stage and complement it nicely. But it seems like you can’t go wrong with any of the ones you’re considering!

    Hope this week goes well for you, and looking forward to seeing the outcome!!

  4. Hi Em,
    It is interesting what people are choosing, especially other designers! There has been an overwhelming favorite on Instagram for the #3 pattern….similarly to my choice for the more practical tub, the paper has to appeal to my imaginary new client-the next buyer of the house! So I am balancing my “designer style” with who I imagine will be the next owner. Its been an interesting concept to consider while I am making my choices!
    I’m excited to see your stenciling project when you finish…it is looking great so far!

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