One Room Challenge-Spring 2019 ~ Loft Retreat Week 3 – Hitting the Halfway Mark!

tory burch sunroom inspiration rattan and wallpaper

Inspiration photo of Tory Burch Sunroom showing “Persepolis” wallpaper from Quadrille

As far as I am concerned, wallpaper can often MAKE the room!!  This inspiration room design is the perfect example of that idea.

Decisions, Decisions…..

Scheming about how this wall will look with wallpaper – some options I’m considering…

Talking Wallpaper for the Loft Retreat


One Room Challenge
One Room Challenge- Spring 2019

We have hit the halfway point of the One Room Challenge….this is definitely the time where you start to question yourself about completing in time!  The last 2 times I have participated, I have run into snags that meant I could NOT get finished in the 6 week time frame.  This is somewhat embarrassing for design professionals to admit, much less reveal on such a public stage!  I love a deadline, but it does put the pressure on to complete.

If you have wandered here from across the internet, welcome to my blog and the Spring 2019 One Room Challenge!  A twice a year extravaganza of design makeovers where 20 Featured Designers and over 200 Guest Designers challenge themselves and each other to complete a project in 6 weeks from soup to nuts.  Begun as the brainchild of Linda Weinstein of Calling it Home, and now shared by a global audience of “Before and After” lovers!!  Who doesn’t love a good “Before and After”?  Add in tons of “Behind the Scenes” stories and creativity galore…..what’s NOT to LOVE?!?  Join us for all the fun!

I have shared the “Before” photos and general plan in Week 1, and gave you several inspiration pics and plans on Week 2.  This week we are talking more decor with wallpaper.  The long, tall wall that is the outside wall of the house, is on the right in this photo:



This wall runs from the entry hall and the main part of the house, all the way up into the loft, and is crying out for some sort of pattern and impact.   There is another photo shown above, looking down the stairs with wallpaper samples on it.  This large wall, part of the loft, as well as the entry stair, is a perfect place for wallpaper to do its work creating pattern!  The large wall with the 4 new windows, along with the wonderful fireplace are the 2 main focal points of the Loft Retreat.  These two focal elements are the stars of the show and I want them to shine.  The pattern and color of the wallpaper is going to do a lot of the heavy lifting as far as interest and texture for the room.


Wallpaper Options


I have pretty much narrowed the selections down to these 6:


















KHANA by Thibaut

Don’t you just LOVE the little tigers?!  I will have to figure out SOMEWHERE to use this charmer!
















CARLOTTA by Thibaut

I really like how the pattern feels like a woodgrain.















morris style wallpaper

BUCCINI by Thibaut

This pattern has a real William Morris feel to it, very Arts and Crafts Movement – a fresh take on a historic pattern style.















london map wallpaper

LONDON MAP by Thibaut

Can’t resist maps….can’t resist LONDON!















floral tree of life wallpaper

DENMARK by Thibaut

I have used this pattern in a more traditional colorway, these fresh colors are beautiful….definitely a contender!















The colors all look great in the space, and I am kinda loving the way they add a certain freshness to the empty room, with either the color and/or the patterns.  I have deliberately selected papers that I think are not the typical style.  By either selected unusual colorways, or choosing a fresh take on the “typical” – I hope to create a lighthearted room.  I couldn’t resist seeing the paper “London Map” and it is a somewhat “cheeky” way to add a graphic pattern.  It has almost a “toile” feel to the design.  All work really well with the fabric I have for the curtains – “Veneto” by Quadrille.  (You can also see the fabric hanging over the half-wall in the photos above.)


veneto fabric by Quadrille


Next Steps – Heading to Week 4

I do hope that you will let me know what you think of the options!  Would you even consider using wallpaper for this wall, or this room?  Have I got you thinking that wallpaper is maybe not as fuddy-duddy as you thought?  Please let me know in the comments, or share with me your thoughts on Instagram @mlbinteriors where I have also shown the papers I am considering!  As always, I really appreciate anyone following my little corner of the ORC family, it is wonderful to connect with you.  To all my friends and family, thanks for all your help and patience as I get this room ready for its close-up…big drinks party when we are finished!

Next week is going to see some big steps forward, I hope!! If not, I am in serious trouble….!  I should have selected the flooring and gotten the installation for that part scheduled.  The baseboard and last window trim should be installed.  Fingers crossed, I will have the walls and trim painted, or at least the painting started… ( lots of exclamation marks!!!)  Realistically, the room needs to be essentially complete in 2 more WEEKS! I think I see some midnight oil burning in my future, thank goodness the days are getting lighter and lighter….Happy Spring!














































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4 thoughts on “One Room Challenge-Spring 2019 ~ Loft Retreat Week 3 – Hitting the Halfway Mark!

  1. Votes for the Daniel here in DC! Subtle but intriguing.

    The Khana and London Map are also very fun, but perhaps too much for such a large wall? This is where I’d lean on the designer for advice…

    1. Thanks Alexander and Jenny! Interesting that you could see the subtlety of that pattern and see how it could add to the space….Haven’t made the choice yet but leaning toward the lighter background ones…Thank you for following along!

    1. Hi Amy, The Buccini is definitely one of the top contenders! I am leaning toward one of the 2 florals- it feels fresh and current for the room, even though they are classic pattern styles…..
      your Powder Room is so beautiful and I am so drawn toward the colors you are using! Its been a long winter up here!!

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