One Room Challenge-Today is Reveal Day!

Today is the day we have all been working for and waiting for…The Reveal! 

I gave myself the challenge of a complete re-do of a room in 6 weeks!! And, even though I have a fairly simple room as far as the individual elements, it was a challenge to compress everything into 6 short weeks…but all’s well that ends well and we have a terrific room for my friends to enjoy the holiday meals coming up! 

If you have not seen the results of the 20 invited designers on yesterday’s main Reveal Day, do yourself a solid and check it out, lots of hard work resulting in some serious eye candy!  Linda from Calling it has created quite a community of talented designers and there is now a strong track record of terrific work!! I hope you visit my fellow Guest Participants during your day today as well, there are over 150 of us that have been hard at work and biting our proverbial fingernails over our rooms and the deadline – and there are some great rooms to see. 

I am excited to show you the completed project!  I did a recap last week showing you the condensed version of the first 5 weeks, you can see that here – my thanks to Missy and John for bearing up during all the mess and disruption, my thanks to all who commented and gave me the thumbs up along the way, and most especially today, thanks to John Hessian for the terrific photos of the Reveal.

So here we go…..!

I hope I created a welcoming room with a bit of a WOW factor, without going too stuffy or formal.  And, I loved highlighting some family art that was being taken for granted, and showing it off a little!

JWH 4003

 A little corner in the Entry hall that we dressed up and leads to our new Dining Room.  A very unusual family chair that I had re-upholstered.  The wallpaper came after the chair fabric and I really like how the leaf pattern is so similar.

JWH 3997

 I LOVE how well the window curtains turned out – as soon as I saw the fabric, I KNEW it would be special!

JWH 3963

You can see I put a little color on the ceiling to jazz things up a little.  I think it really highlights our crystal chandelier –

JWH 3956


JWH 3984

Family artwork taking center stage, as well as a piece of family china.  And, another view of the completed room.


JWH 3951


I am looking forward to Thanksgiving in the new room – Thanks again for following along with our transformation! 

As happy as I am with how it all turned out, the reason that we do interior design is to help people find joy and pride in their homes….as someone once said – its where LIFE happens!  Missy and John paid me the ultimate compliment when they said ” I just want to stand and stare at it, it looks prettier than I could have imagined.  I can’t wait to have the first big dinner!”


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