One Room Challenge -Week 5 – Down to the Wire!


2016 03 31 15.44.25

 A few of the items on the Gallery Wall


We have come to the last week of work time for the 6-week One Room Challenge!  Yikes!!  I know that I am not alone in saying – Fastest……Weeks…..Ever!! 

Started as a GENIUS idea by Linda of Calling it Home. the ORC is a challenge to complete a room in 6 weeks and tell about the highs and lows…getting strength from the other designers and bloggers that have taken on the challenge is a life saver!  I have truly used this kick in the pants to get done one of the longest neglected rooms in my house…so thanks to everyone who is following and cheering along the way.  Be sure and check out the Featured Designers and my fellow Guest Participants!!


I have always had art or decorative objects on the walls, wherever I have lived.  I never have any hesitation to hang up and enjoy various types of items and use them for art to enjoy.  Many of my pieces have been collected on travels and many of the items have been handed down through family.  This is the first time that I have decided to hang a collection of things in the Powder Room.


2015 12 25 23.41.49

My new sconce light and some neighbors – I really do like this darker color!

I decided to take a variety of items and adorn my new grid wall… that is one of the last finishing touches for that room.  Each item tells its own story, and it allows me to maximize the display space in a very small room.  I am quite liking the effect and I think I have created a nice little space that is now more than simply utilitarian.


The other utilitarian room is the laundry and I am simple loving the pictorial paper and black doors and trim.  The paper itself is a sort of gallery wall, but, I can’t knock anything down!  (and neither can anyone else!!)  I am working on a custom salvaged shelf and I HOPE that I can get some sort of hanging rack in here for the actual laundry function in this room!



2016 02 25 16.15.18

New Lucite and brushed antique brass handles to adorn my black cabinets –


rack idea for luandry to build

Laundry drying rack that I would like to try and DIY


32873861 027 b

Anthropologie “Equestrian” hooks – read about these from Erin Gates of “Elements of Style” and fell in love – had to have my own set!


As for the Family Living room –  the progress list there is very good, but the part where I pull it all together so it actually LOOKS like something is happening now, and through the weekend in time for the photo shoot on Monday!  I have my work cut out for me, even though I am mostly reusing furniture I already have.  I may find that I need a last few perfect touches, and I might have to pull a rabbit out of my hat, but I feel so happy that I have come all this way!


2006 03 01 17.16.00


A reminder of where we started and I will see you all next week for the fabulous reveal!  Thanks to all my wonderful and amazing workers that helped me pull this off!  I have wallpaper skills, but I am terribly slow, and I can fill nail holes, along with some other practical skills, but I am soooo relieved that I had the “guys” working their magic for me!


2013 10 30 08.29.39


So, paint is done ( only a few final touch-ups) wallpaper is hung, floor is refinished, the original stained wood has been waxed and refreshed…we are ready to move things back in and start the real fun!!


Can’t wait to show everyone next week, and thanks so much for following along and helping me stay focused and moving forward!!




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