One Room Challenge- Week 5, Forging to the Finish

I’m glad that you decided to come back and see how we are doing, and apologies for posting at the last minute this week for the project!  If, for any reason you have just found my conversations, I challenged myself to work on the Fall 2015 One Room Challenge – where designers and design lovers of every kind work on one room for 6 weeks and write about the project.  The whole concept was started by Linda of Calling it and has grown to include over 100 participants around the country (around the world, really, as there have been participants in England and Australia also!)  Its easy to get hooked, so be sure and check out the Main Affair as well as the other Guest participants! 

We have finally gotten down to the last week of work before the BIG REVEAL next week!  Most of this week’s work consisted of fine tuning the decorative details, searching out special little touches that will create that truly COMPLETE design.  I also had to do all the scheduling of all the required work to be ready for photography on Monday- my reveal would not be much if I didn’t make sure I had the installer for the windows, electrical installation of the chandelier, and all the rest….thank goodness my photographer was available in time to show off the room next week!

Let’s remind everyone of all our work over the last 5 weeks – My very good friends, Missy and John agreed to participate and we are transforming their dining room, the hub of all the upcoming holiday celebrations!  Thank goodness I have brave friends!

The dining room before we went to work:

dining room before5


2015 08 15 18.15.50

We removed all the wallpaper and gave ourselves a blank slate, even scraping off the popcorn ceiling!

2015 08 26 23.05.03

We installed new wallpaper, hung a beautiful vintage chandelier, fresh paint, of course, and moved in beautiful new dining room furniture.  Our goal was to create a fresh take on a traditional, dedicated dining room, filled with beautiful touches of sparkle and, maybe even a little “glam”!

Here are refreshers of all the little sneak peeks, plus a couple more:

XH140621013GY 01

HCH6FR8 mx

2015 10 20 17.59.44


2015 10 28 10.39.512015 07 16 14.37.15

I hope it isn’t too dull showing all the bits and pieces, but I don’t want to take too much away from showing the room all pulled together.  I am really pleased with how everything is looking, and even though a dining room really is not all that complicated – I have worked hard to try and make it distinctive.  You are all invited back to see the whole room – the table will be set and virtual champagne will be opened!



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