Special Ongoing One Room Challenge! Will She Finish This Time??

Hi Everyone!!  Here we are at One Room Challenge time again, and this time we have a very special 6 weeks of episodes planned!!

As you know, I love a good challenge, and the One Room Challenge is dear to my heart – but the last couple of rooms that I have worked on have NOT gotten to the finish line.. Yes, that’s absolutely right….I did NOT complete the challenge for 2 rooms that I started with the highest of high hopes and scads of determination – design failure folks, design failure!!

I am even late coming to the party this time, because I thought long and hard about if I was going to be willing to confess that my rooms are still not complete!  Fear of judgement is a very real thing, for sure.  But, I decided that I was going to bare all for everyone, AGAIN, and jump into the exciting work of completing a room in 6 weeks and sharing the process.

If this is all completely puzzling to you and you have managed to find my blog and are wondering what ON EARTH IS SHE TALKING ABOUT??  The One Room Challenge is a twice a year design challenge where a worldwide bunch of design enthusiasts challenge themselves to complete a room in 6 short weeks and tell the tale of the process every week with a great reveal of the “before and after” on the last week.  I have participated as a Guest Participant several times and I love to see everyone following along and supporting each other as we transform a space from plain or “ho hum” to fabulous!

Every week on Wednesday starting October 2, there are 20 Featured Designers who do the challenge, and on Thursdays, the Guest Participants like myself share their room and the progress they have made.  Be sure and check out all the great design and DIY work- SO MUCH to see and cheer, you won’t be sorry you spent a few minutes down the design transformation rabbit hole!!

Anyway……what type of VERY SPECIAL CHALLENGE have I set for myself this time??  I decided that I would really challenge myself and not only actually COMPLETE my last two rooms…..but add another bedroom/study to the mix.  Before you decide that I have completely lost my mind, hear me out ( and cheer me on!).  I am in the process of downsizing and putting the house I have lived in for over 35 years on the market so I can realize my life-long dream of living in England and traveling at least 6 months  out of every year!!!  Excitement, fear, and many other feelings are going to be a part of this challenge as I work to complete the transformations….

A little corner in the Guest Room Fall 2018 ORC

So, stay tuned and see what I have planned for this new bedroom/study, as well as see the final reveals of my last 2 unfinished challenges- the Country Loft Retreat from this past Spring 2019 ORC and my Guest Bedroom from Fall 2018 ORC.  Both those rooms presented some challenges, but I am excited to share them with you as I truly finish them and give them the debut they so richly deserve…( not to mention, answer all the questions I have received over the last year, haha)

~reminding you of the Country Loft Retreat Spring 2019 ORC- I did get a little further along than THIS!!

So, I will dive in with many, many more details and plans next week, I hope you come back and take a look!!  WILL SHE DO IT??



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