Spring 2017- One Room Challenge


It’s Spring – and the One Room Challenge time again! 


2017 03 22 18.35.59

Gianna’s Bedroom “Before”


I’m participating in the One Room Challenge event again and very excited about doing a room for my youngest client- Gianna, Gigi for short.  Gianna is the daughter of my clients, Gina and Franco and the family is very active and tons of fun to work for.  I am really excited to be working on a girl’s bedroom!! ( I have 2 sons and never had a chance to do the “girly” bedroom! – or at least, MY version of “girly”) – I am very happy that Gigi and her mom are willing to jump in and take on this challenge with me!

For those readers that are new to the blog, and the One Room Challenge event – The ORC was created by Linda of Calling it Home and is now in its 11th season!  A group of 20 design bloggers, designers and DIY’ers agree to accept the challenge of designing and re-doing a room in 6 weeks and detail their work along the way – lots of “behind the scenes” insights, logistics, and real world observations as the rooms progress to the fabulous finish!  An ever-larger group of brave and talented “Guest Participants” agree to the challenge with rooms of our own- so be sure and check out all the fun for the next 6 weeks- all comments and support appreciated!!  Be sure and let us know what you think in the comments below as we go along.

To tell you a bit more about the room I am designing this time around, here are the “Before” photos of Gigi’s generous-sized bedroom.

2017 03 22 18.34.20 

Another view of the dormer window wall


My client requested a big change as she goes into her teen years, and had  lots of great ideas about the feeling she wants in her room.  No more purple walls, a more sophisticated bed and dresser, and a more “serious” place to hang out, study, and read….while still feeling fun and relaxed.  Gigi loved her big world map artwork and her new vanity and wanted the room to fit with those 2 pieces.


2017 03 22 18.34.43

New vanity and glitzy mirror will stay – Old dresser will go


2017 03 22 18.34.31

Bed wall with World Map


We spent a lot of time making decisions on the new furniture. Gigi’s style has changed so much from the last time the room was put together, the room has become a little bit of a hodge-podge, with multiple styles of items being put together as she has grown from a little girl to a teen.  She loves a mix of things still – fun, fuzzy benches, sparkly mirror,  maps and movie posters will go along with a new upholstered queen-sized bed, new nightstands and a new dresser.  We also spent a lot of time selecting the fabric for new curtains to go with the new look, a completely new color scheme, and some fun lights and accessories.


2017 03 22 18.34.11

“Before” Dry Erase Board


Gianna still likes her Dry-Erase board, but we are going to upgrade it a bit since we are repainting, and I think it will encourage some creativity around the desk area.  I also have some new original artwork from Minted.com.  Minted is one of the sponsors of the One Room Challenge and it is great resource for original and interesting art at very affordable pricing.  Guest Participants are not sponsored for the ORC, but Minted.com is a company I am glad to recommend – so be sure and check them out if you are looking for art on a budget!  I will talk more about the art and accessories in the coming weeks.


2017 03 22 18.35.06

Another “before” view


So, that’s the introduction to my Spring 2017 One Room Challenge!  I’m already having a LOT of fun designing this “Teen Girl’s Bedroom” and next week I will share the plans, furniture selections and SOME of the details.  We have the painting already scheduled, so I will be able to show you the new clean slate next week as well.

If you are interested in the rooms I have done for previous One Room Challenges, you can see them here (Spring 2016) and here (Fall 2015) and I also encourage you to see all the other talented designer’s work, both this year and in year’s past, at Calling it Home.com




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