The Storm before the Calm? One Room Challenge~Week 4

Welcome back to Week 4 of the One Room Challenge!  Everything in my rooms for this challenge is either in slooow, but sure, progress…..OR is waiting in line for its particular turn in the transformation.  It feels like I am fairly on track, but I fear a last batch of delays or setbacks is lurking – this creates a certain bit of artistic tension!

So, while I pray to the renovation gods to continue to look kindly on my endeavors….I thought I would show a few of the little corners that show a sneak peek of the end result! Curtains go up next week, furniture gets put in place, last minute tasks multiply….and then….Photography and REVEAL!

Artwork Revamp

2013 11 01 15.54.15

One of the art pieces that I updated and refreshed – This is an original lithograph that was one of the first pieces of “real” art I ever bought (you know, signed and everything!)  It reminded me of my trip to Delft when I was still in the service (yes, another of my previous jobs-officer in U.S. Army) and I loved walking around the beautiful streets.

2014 11 24 12.03.22

The same piece after new linen mat, and antique detail frame – it was time to move on from that particular combination of orange and brown to stop drawing attention away from the art!

The Powder Room Progress

2015 05 21 12.46.53

A corner “Before”

2015 12 21 12.53.58

Paint cans are everywhere!  Same corner in progress.  The paneling detail is on the opposite wall.

SC11059BZ 01

The new sconce is so beautiful and sleek!  The perfect contrast to the elegant crystal chandelier with its scrolling leaves, seen in the shot below….


2015 12 21 12.56.04

 More paint cans!  Looking through the door as work progresses and a little corner of the new wallpaper in the Family living room.  I love this paper so much!

Laundry Room Progress

2015 12 21 12.54.53

faux paneling going up – old brown stained cabinets “before”

2015 12 21 12.55.54

 Looking through the door at paneling progress.

2015 12 23 15.08.54

 Paneling and paper are SO GOOD!

2015 12 23 15.08.29

IS there anything better than a sharp, black door?  Farrow and Ball “Off Black” does it again!

Family Living Room Progress

2015 05 23 12.19.23

Corner with a new lamp and a bit of red waiting for their close-up 

Week 4 is where I start to get really nervous that I can’t get everything done in time to have photographs taken for the reveal.  There really is only one more week of work, including fluffing, styling and last minute touches to create the perfect “WOW” moment.  As a designer, I always am the most nervous in any project, right before the final installation or “reveal”.  Will it look as good in person as it does in my head?  First night performance jitters, I guess!

If you have made it this far and are wondering, “What on EARTH is going on here….?)  Welcome to the One Room Challenge, where a group of fabulously  talented and serious gluttons for punishment have signed on to transform a room in 6 weeks!

Linda from Calling It Home created this design challenge to tap into the creativity and motivation of a great community of designers and bloggers – be sure and travel over there to see the 20 Featured Designers post on Wednesdays and the rest of the Guest Participants post on Thursdays…there are over 200 of us designing and transforming some great spaces with lots of ideas and creativity to share…come visit, comment and cheer us on!

I’ll be over here justifying my next glass of wine!


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