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Today begins a Wednesday feature on the blog highlighting how “Old” becomes “New” in interesting ways.  In my work I am known for respecting period features, honoring family legacy, and infusing my designs with contemporary flair.  Incorporating a modern sensibility and a classic foundation really creates the best of both worlds in my view.

I was recently featured in the New England Home magazine blog, highlighting some of my work that illustrates this design philosophy.  Here are some further details of one of the projects “Orchard View”, where I used some great salvage artifacts (“Old”) to create a fresh, updated home.  This house really needed to be brought into the 21st century from its beginnings in 70’s Contemporary Chalet style!  While some might see this as interestingly retro, it was truly quite a hodgepodge and dated, to boot.  My clients could see the potential, but were really stymied as to how to proceed.  From the kitchen you could see at least 10 different colors and finishes, and on the floors, there were an additional 6 or 7 different styles and colors of tile!

22 plain road project 003 1280x962 Copy

The island from the previous kitchen remodel was at least 4 ft wide and 12 ft long, totally overwhelming the space, and the dark brown granite swallowed up any light.

22 plain road project 010 1280x962

100 4053

Removing the island did give us a much better idea of what we had, and we quickly went to work removing all thge parts that weren’t working, either for the house or the clients.

22 plain road project 009 962x1280


We saved the huge, beautiful columns and archway and opened up one of the walls, unified the tile floor and created a neutral palette to let the unique features shine.  The new kitchen incorporated the vintage china hutch, plus we added some great contemporary features such as the architectural pendant lights and sleek induction range.

Copy of GWP Bohn Plain Rd. 4

New cabinets and new, smaller, narrower island with honed granite counter.

Copy of GWP Bohn Plain Rd. 5


Looking through the same arch at the newly made rustic beams and re-used china hutch.  This is the same doorway my client is standing in the earlier picture.  To her right is a completely opened wall section that lets the light shine in!

Copy of GWP Bohn Plain Rd. 1


I loved giving this house a new life, and these clients a new home!  We are working on other parts of the home and I will be sure and bring you pictures of those next transformations.  The choices we made came from my commitment to honor the history and still create a beautiful, functional home to live in for today….I would love hearing your thoughts!



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