Week 3 ~ Fall 2019 One Room Challenge ~ Halfway Mark for Project “Will She Finish ALL the Rooms?”

One Room Challenge
  One Room Challenge- Fall 2019

Halfway to the Finish Line

Last week we went over my mad plan to complete 6 rooms for the One Room Challenge!  This is a collection of rooms from past One Room Challenges, plus rooms that needed to be renovated for my upcoming sale and downsizing.  Last week I shared the dismal “befores” …THIS WEEK I am going to show you how fabulous they will be when I am finished!  Actually I have a couple of mood boards and a couple of To-Do lists to keep you up to speed on where we are going, but the rooms ARE going to be fabulous, I KNOW IT!

Wallpaper option for Master Bath- Divine Savages paper-“Crane Fonda”

“One Room Challenge” You Say?

Just in case you are not familiar, the One Room Challenge event takes place twice a year in the Spring and Fall.  The challenge began as a way to take a room from start to finish – not in a competition….but as a way of cheering on and supporting each other as we get a room in our house designed and decorated.  Each time 20 Featured Designers show the whole process week by week, and then all the other enthusiasts and DIY’ers strut their stuff as Guest Participants each week as well.  Its a design and decor wonderland!  I loved following along until I decided to jump in a few years ago, and I truly enjoy, and NEED(!), the energy from this great community!

One Room Challenge Fall 2019- Project Will She Finish ALL the Rooms?

On To The Pretty Stuff!

So I put together a couple of mood boards for 2 of the rooms I am planning on completing, and I did a “To-Do” list for all the rooms I am working on as a way of bringing you up to speed.  One of the reasons that these rooms got put on the back burner and I did not complete them during the Challenge period was that I became dejected by the way the rooms were progressing.  These rooms were going to be “nice” and “safe” and ultimately , for me, they were uninspiring…..

I have done a complete 180 degree turn-around and fallen in love with my plans and designs for these rooms.  Why?  Because I decided to do the rooms I REALLY wanted to do, instead of the safe, “appeal to everyone” rooms for houses staged for the real estate market.  These rooms are going to be layered with wallpaper, family pieces and memories, some bolder colors and plenty of personality!  They might not be for “everyone” but they are going to definitely be chock-full of my style.


A Small Master Bath – Putting some WOW! in a Small Space~

One of the rooms that I am working on is my Master Bath.  This room has always been planned to be completely renovated for years and we kept putting it off.  Now, we are selling and this room definitely needs a complete update and overhaul.  I am not putting any ORC pressure on this room, but I do want it completed by Thanksgiving before my son arrives so we are not sharing the only remaining bath in the house!  But I am so EXCITED by the plan for this room, I had to share.  I am still pondering the wallpaper options- the chinoiserie mural by Anewall.com and the Divine Savages paper above- but I sure can’t go wrong either way!!  Which would you choose?



Hollis Master Bath-ORC Fall 2019-Project Will She Finish?


This is the To-Do List for the Master Bathroom – as you can see it is a complete renovation, so we have to start from scratch for the shower and toilet, as well as the all the walls and the floor.

I did compromise on the design somewhat due to the resale factor – I am not putting in a couple of the more expensive features, simply because I am not going to invest extra $$ for the next owner.  So, no cement tile and no heated floor or steam shower luxuries.  But it is not going to be safe and generic either!  I am excited to use a new product for the shower walls – large format porcelain tiles that look like slabs of marble.  I have never used this before and I am very interested to see it come together.  A luxury look for sure, but not a luxury cost.

I am putting a marble mosaic tile on the floor, and I have that already for the backsplash, so the simplicity and clean line of the full wall porcelain is going to be perfect for this  38 sq. ft bathroom!  I chose to do wallpaper in here for the WOW! factor, rather than play it safe for resale…..since I decided to do that, I am completely in LOVE with how this is going to turn  out!!


A Country Study that is Classic?

When I decided to change the plans for this small study, it went from a ho-hum “job” to a labor of love.  My original plan was to keep the old wallpaper that was admittedly dated (though I still love it’s old English grannie kind of charm) and spruce it up with new paint, carpet and art etc.  Mostly to save time and energy, and to have at least one room where I was not starting over from scratch.  But, once again, it really didn’t light my designer fire!  It wasn’t any fun trying to ” make it OK”…so I went back to the drawing board  (I also was honest with myself, the wallpaper was too tired to save)

I love the new Schumacher paper “Mohave” in the Carbon colorway- it is subtle and masculine and very quietly chic.  I am saving some dollars by using a paint color that I love and I have on hand…Benjamin Moore’s Cleveland Green.



I think this room is going to be unexpected in a good way!  Also, painted trim in a strong color like this is very traditional for the style of the house, and our part of New Hampshire.

All the furniture is what we have on hand.  The desk has been in this room since we moved in, we added bookcases over the years, and the chair for the desk is simple and vintage.  We are going to rearrange all the furniture in a new layout and leave it a dedicated study.  The computer will be here, but NOT the star of the show, and we have some great masculine touches like antlers and antique maps to complete the picture.  We are definitely saving $$ on this room refresh!  Here’s the To Do List ~



To-Do Lists for the Rest –

The #CountryLoftRetreat,  #BedroomRefresh, and #GuestRoom are very close to being complete and I have included the To-Do lists for those rooms.   These rooms have already been painted and wallpapered, and we are down to collecting and determining the furnishings, the layout, lighting etc.  I will focus on these 3 rooms next week with some greater details and some progress photos.





Be sure  and follow my progress on Instagram Stories…@mlbinteriors.  Plus, here are a few others for you!

@lindaholtcreative, @aglassofbovino, @acuratedhouse, and @homemadebycarmona.…Every Guest participant is working so hard, so be sure and cheer your favorites!!  I know you will enjoy all the work being done for the One Room Challenge.  I will see you again next week!





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